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Nick Cailes wins Captain of the Year in the Western suburbs competitive pool competition

Pool comp pic

The BB’s are a competitive pool team, made up of eight blokes, supported by annecto Yarraville.

annecto’s Community Inclusion Coordinator, Helen Kowalyk says they’ve been playing and competing for ten years. ‘I can’t remember how they came up with their name.  It could stand for the Billiard Balls, the Best Boys, the Bloody Beautifuls or the Best Blokes’, Helen says.

The BBs meet every Wednesday night and play at sports clubs throughout the western suburbs of Melbourne. They share a meal, a few drinks, play some pool and shoot the breeze together.

They’ll play one-on-one with anyone standing around, holding a pool cue and love to compete in club competitions. ‘They’re very competitive’, says Helen. ‘When they first started playing against other teams, the other teams were not sure about them. Initially, the team weren’t as serious about their pool, but the competition has focussed them, and they take the game much more seriously now.  In fact, the location; the time and day of the competitions were moved so that the BB’s could continue to play’, explains Helen.

The team recently nominated their Captain, Nick Cailes for Best Captain of the Year Award, and he won.  Nick was honoured to be nominated and to win the award and said it will go ‘straight to the pool room’.

Congratulations on ten years of playing to the BB’s and Best Captain of the Year Award for Nick Cailes.