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Supporting independence: A case manager’s story

This month, we share a case manager’s story. Claudia, Case Manager at Annecto, tells us about her experience working in aged care and getting to know Katina.

At Annecto, the people we support are unique individuals, each having their own stories and life experiences. However, a common characteristic they all share is a fiercely independent need to do things on their own, and to not burden their families or others with their changing needs.

When I think of such traits, I think of Katina, a lovely Greek lady who lives alone in her Coburg home. Katina was the very first person I signed up at Annecto. If you ask any case manager, their first customer will always hold a special place in their heart.

Katina was fiercely independent – declining services and equipment that would improve her general mobility and function with daily living tasks. It took many months, several attempts and home visits, before she would agree to any support services or mobility aids.

Nonetheless, Katina was always grateful for her home care support, which was her only service at the time.

Recently, while her family was away on vacation, Katina had to be hospitalised. She hesitated to call her family as she did not want to disturb their holiday. In the end, she found support and comfort in calling me on the phone, her case manager, while in the hospital as she did not want to worry any of her family or friends.  

A case manager may not be a family or friend – however they are still a support person in your social network. A case manager aims to support you without you feeling overwhelmed by fears of being a burden to your family and loved ones. That is truly a special experience shared by case managers in the aged care sector.

This feeling was reaffirmed once I met Katina’s family. They were happy to see their mother independently advocate for her own needs despite the language barrier. They were also glad to see and know she was well looked after, in the safe hands of someone who understood her as a person and continued to place their trust in me.

– Claudia, Case Manager at Annecto

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