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We offer individualised aged care support services that help you address your needs and achieve your goals so that you can live the life you want.

Our diverse range of staff are experts in providing support that suit you, giving you the confidence and flexibility to make the most of your aged care services and funding. 

We can offer you the following services as part of your aged care package:

  • Domestic Support
  • Clinical & Allied Health Support
  • Social Support
  • Transport Services
  • Support with Technology
If you want to learn more or request a service, you can contact us today.
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Home care package level 1 is $9000 per year, level 2 is $15000 per year, level 3 is $34000 per year, and level 4 is $52000 per year

What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages (HCP) enable older Australians to continue living independently for as long as possible. 

Your aged care package is designed to help you maintain health, mobility and independence and can include aids, equipment and minor home modifications that increase functional safety.

Home care package levels

There are four levels of support available, ranging from basic care to high care needs. Your funding is determined by the Aged Care Assessment Service and My Aged Care. This funding will influence the quantity of services you can receive.  You can learn more about the assessment process on the My Aged Care website here.

Support while you wait for your package

While you wait for your approved package level to become available, Annecto can help you get the support you need to continue living the life you want.

Funding to deliver your services is received by your provider progressively throughout the year, allowing you to confidently maintain your budget.

Getting started with assessment

To help you combat the challenges of the assessment process, we offer free-of-charge assistance to help you to understand the type of questions you’ll be asked.

If you request this support, you are under no obligation to then choose Annecto as your service provider.

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