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What our people say

Stories of our customers

Listen to stories of Annecto customers.

Pande is an Annecto customer in the Macedonian community in NSW. He shares some insight as to how Annecto have supported him to be independent.

Stories of our staff - community based

Listen to stories of our staff – community based

Ruby is a Support Worker in the South Eastern Metropolitan region of Melbourne. In this video, she shares her experience working at Annecto.

“I go into the community, into my clients’ houses and assist them with whatever it may be that they need assistance with,” Ruby explains.

“A normal day for me looks like helping people… it could be doing a little bit of shopping, so that’s like a social support shift. It could be taking someone to the doctor’s, or going out and having a cup of tea.” 

“It’s just a great environment to be in. And the clients make it fun too!” 

Stories of our staff - office based

Hear from Nikki, one of Annecto’s Project Leads. Nikki shares some of the reasons why she likes working at Annecto.

“I was comfortable and felt familiar and aligned with their (Annecto) values,” advised Nikki.

“Being able to take the opportunity to try new things as well as flexibility has been really important for me.”