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annecto continues to connect people

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annecto is pleased to receive additional government funding for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services in Melbourne’s western metropolitan region and Loddon Mallee Region.  

Managed by annecto, CHSP provides flexible respite options to eligible individuals.  Respite services can be available for carers of older people 65 years and over who are eligible under My Aged Care. “The funding is available from May 2017 through to June 2020, and allows annecto to assist even more people in Melbourne’s West and Loddon Mallee,” says annecto’s Northern Region Manager, Despina Kavnoudias. “The additional funding will mean that we are able to connect and provide necessary support to more individuals while they wait for longer term supports”.  

Carer, Louis Dowling, who cares for his wife Lynette in their home had become overwhelmed by his caring role, and it was beginning to affect their relationship as husband and wife. Both Louis and Lynette (who lives with Alzheimer’s dementia) are in their 70s. Lynette has High Care needs, and is on the waiting list for a government Home Care package of support.   Louis has retired to care for Lynette at home, but says that he’s planning their life in a different way to what they had envisioned, and it’s on his mind 24 hours a day. Louis used to enjoy playing golf, but hasn’t been to the links for months.  

Louis wasn’t sure how he could continue to support Lynette and improve their quality of life until Carers Victoria suggested he contact annecto about accessing their respite program.   While it was initially a difficult decision for Louis to ask for help, he and Lynette now receive in-home respite; giving Louis a break from caring for Lynette so he can play a few rounds of golf with his friends, without fearing if Lynette is OK at home by herself.   “I have my independence back,” says Louis. “It means I get to do things I can’t normally do, like catching up with some mates for lunch and it means Lynette and I enjoy a better quality of life together”  

For more information about annecto’s respite services, please call 1800 266 328 or have a look at our Family and Carers page.


annecto is a not-for-profit (NFP) community inclusion organisation, with a focus on connecting people and communities, so they can be better placed to pursue what is important to them.  annecto has a strong commitment to connecting communities to address a range of issues to improve economic, environmental and social resilience, through thought leadership, service delivery, community education and development and social policy advocacy. annecto operates in Victoria, NSW, ACT and Queensland.