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Helping others is Nilo’s passion

Nilo Banai started as a Support Worker in annecto’s Ringwood office late in 2016, and is loving it. She has always had a passion for helping people, and volunteered for a number of different charities and not-for-profit organisations. That led her to study a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion, which she completed last year.

It was while Nilo was researching Aged Care support providers for an assignment that she came across annecto’s website. “I never knew that government-funded organisations like annecto existed,” Nilo explains. “I thought they were all private businesses. I looked at their Strategic Direction online and saw that their principles and goals were everything I stood for and valued. I saw they were advertising for Support Workers online, so I applied.”

As a Support Worker, Nilo works with older people, providing support and care to individuals. “I provide personal care, such as showering and grooming, and I help them to go out, like taking them to the doctor, to church, a mosque or activity centres. I also help people to take their medication, or with making meals, and I’m there for social interaction, such as going out for coffee or playing board games.”

Nilo’s parents fled the war in Afghanistan 22 years ago and arrived in Australia, via India, with only one suitcase and Nilo as a 12-month-old baby. Since then they’ve created new and successful lives for themselves and their family. “Knowing about their hardships is what made me want to help others – my parents are my inspiration. My mother is now a university lecturer and my father is an engineer with his own business.”

Nilo believes that being included in society is very important, and working with annecto allows her to help older Afghan and Muslim people connect with their community. “I love knowing I’m helping someone in need,” she says. “It doesn’t feel like a job – it’s what I enjoy.”

Nilo speaks Farsi, Dari, French, and is learning Arabic, so her services as a Support Worker are in high demand. She understands that as people get older, it’s harder for them because they don’t speak English very well. Nilo makes sure these people aren’t just staying at home. “You need to get out into your community and not let age get in the way of happiness. A lot of the people I support are fearful of leaving the house. I’m giving them the confidence to go out and am doing my best to support them. Everyone should be able to help each other.”

annecto are recruiting now across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory.

To find out about recruitment opportunities with annecto, please visit the Careers page or call 1800 266 328.

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