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annecto After-Hours

Why do we offer after-business-hours support?

Because people’s lives do not, and should not fit a 9am to 5pm social and business model.

You can arrange to have after-hours support between 5pm - 9am on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays. The After-Hours Team provides full after hours non-medical support to people we assist within annecto, to other support agencies and to private individuals. Experienced staff assist people through telephone support and if required support staff who will come to you.  Staff work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities covering over 30 different language groups.

And we’ve been doing this since 1995…












Over 30,000 calls per year are received from people with various support needs, or from their carers and families.  It may be to help someone who has had a fall, to provide a medication prompt, or to check up on a person during a flood or heatwave.  We may attend the home to assist in meal preparation, or for an escorted evening activity, or to assist in a short-term carer’s break.

A phone call away...












Our staff have been specially trained to deal with emergencies as well and to ensure you get the right support the first time.

Telephone support staff will help you to determine whether you just need phone referral information to help you or whether to send experienced in-field support staff to your door.

Our focus is on the needs of the individual: to ensure that your physical, emotional, and social well-being is at the core of any telephone or on-site support provided.

For more information during business hours please contact the After-Hours coordinator on: 9687 7066 or email us.

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