annecto remains open and will continue to provide support services throughout the Coronavirus outbreak

Work With Us

For over 50 years, annecto, an independent, not for profit association has been supporting people who want more from life. annecto’s ethos is grounded in Social Role Valorisation – having socially valued roles for people in society – and seeks to assist those at risk of devaluation. Such is often the case with elderly, disabled, and disassociated people, and annecto is committed to ensuring everyone is treated with cultural value and respect. As individuals, everyone has the right to feel valued and included in society, and to shape their own destiny. Our vision is an Australia where everyone is living their best life. Getting older or having differing abilities shouldn’t mean that people miss out on living the life they want. We’re looking for staff who share this mindset, who are compassionate, have empathy, and are welcoming and confident. annecto supports people to realise their goals in life as they choose.

You can make an impact and work alongside a diverse group of people who’ve joined us from many walks of life and backgrounds. annecto team members have made the decision to take the journey with us. annecto staff are values-based people and reflect annecto’s commitment to human rights.

We support flexible working arrangements, and as such have a range of people working with us, from mums, dads, students, lawyers, PR and marketing professionals, artists, actors, singers, air stewards, teachers, electricians, recreational leaders, hospitality staff, engineers, and many others.

You’ll find a range of positions, paid training, salary packaging, and rostering flexibility at annecto, and this allows for the work-life balance you desire. As far as possible, annecto endeavours to match the needs of our workforce to the work that is available.

If you want to work with people to ensure they maintain valued roles in society, and use your interpersonal and networking skills in community development, we want to hear from you.