What should we call the canoe? - Annecto

What should we call the canoe?

Help the boat building crew at annecto David House name their soon to be finished, 16 foot, two-man canoe.

The canoe will be on display at Seaworks in Williamstown as part of the 2015 Disabled Sailing Combined Championships from the 26 November to 3 December 2015.

The canoe building project involves a group of nine men from David House and David House instructor, Ivan Wadsworth, a keen sailor who manages the project.

The two-man canoe is the group’s second project, with the first project undertaken in 2005 where the group completely restored and modified a dilapidated catamaran, called Nikki Woop.

Ivan’s love of sailing and boats was a natural fit for the group and Ivan organised for a number of local yacht clubs to participate in offering sailing for people with disabilities.

Keen to get the canoe on the water, the crew are hoping that the public will help them come up with a name so they can get out for a paddle.

Drop down to Seaworks in Williamstown at 82 Nelson Place and post your idea in the box or forward your ideas to helen.kowalyk@annecto.org.au.