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Donna-Maree’s journey to independence


Growing up as a teenager in Melbourne’s west, Donna-Maree Curran did not do many chores around the house. But that was not because she did not want to help.

“Mum used to do everything for me and I wasn’t independent”, Donna-Maree explained. Living in a family with other young children, it was hard for her to get the assistance that she wanted so she could learn how to do things around the home.

“I wanted to be independent but I couldn’t because I had anxiety. I couldn’t go around the block or travel on public transport”, Donna-Maree remembered.

Five years ago Donna-Maree moved into an annecto-supported accommodation house. It was an important step towards gaining a more autonomous life. annecto Support Workers Nada Kezerle and Robyn Andrusiw encouraged Donna-Maree to develop her skills at home, so that she became adept at tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Nada and Robyn also worked with Donna-Maree on reducing her anxiety when travelling on public transport so she could travel on her own.

With annecto’s support, Donna-Maree has grown into a self-assured young woman. She said, “annecto helped me become more confident. I’m learning not to get anxious”.

Now aged 21, Donna-Maree has recently become engaged to her boyfriend Chris, and is looking forward to living more independently with her new fiancé and creating a future together.

“Chris and I have been dating over two years now. I want to live with him and get married and have kids. I haven’t thought about our wedding yet, but I’d like to go on honeymoon to Queensland. Also, I would love to be able to get a job. I like working with children or maybe I could work in a shop.”

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