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Celebrating Women

International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate women like Adua Merola. Read about her life and her ambition to tell her story through Speakers Bank.

annecto celebrate all women, especially women young and old, who negotiate challenges and still come out determined to fulfil what is important to them.


Adua Merola Oct15 v2

Adua Merola lived in the Northern suburbs all her life and have always been vision-impaired. This has not slowed her down too much although she’d like to try lots of different activities.

Adua enjoys cooking, swimming, tandem bike riding, power walking and playing blind table tennis{called swish). She also loves music. She had been hot-air ballooning, hang-gliding, rock climbing and abseiling and enjoyed them all very much.

At four years old, Adua boarded at St. Paul’s School for the blind. That experience helped her to be independent and gave her confidence as she would have lived a very sheltered life otherwise as her parents were fairly strict Italians.

When she got older, Adua convinced them that she needed to get out and experience the real world.
At thirteen she travelled to school with an orientation and mobility teacher from Coburg to Kew.
She then gained the confidence to travel to the city and enjoyed train travel to the country also.
After leaving school, she did an office skills course at Richmond through Work Link which is an agency for people with disabilities.

Adua represented Australia in the Paralympics in Seoul, Korea when she was 22 years old. She competed in several events and broke Australia’s long jump record and won gold, silver and bronze medals in other events.

Adua currently works at an Aged Care facility in the Lifestyle department and she runs a conference telelink through Vision Australia as well as volunteering with Melbourne City Mission.

She now wishes to become involved with public speaking because it is a new challenge for her and as she had recently completed a Leadership course, she have gained extra confidence and feel that she would enjoy meeting and talking to people.

In July 2015, Adua finally got her guide dog Sabrina and they were perfectly matched due to their personalities. Both being active, they bonded really well.

For more information about Adua please contact Speakers Bank’s Project Officer on 03 9314 0988 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..