annecto remains open and will continue to provide support services throughout the Coronavirus outbreak

In Home

Have you decided that you want or deserve some help around the house?  Perhaps things have become more of a chore than they used to be. Your home is your castle, so if someone’s going to come into it, they need to understand how you like things to be done. 

Your story matters to us. annecto takes the time to get to know you, who you are, what’s important to you, what things you like to do, and how you like to do them. 

Because the people we support are diverse, we have a diverse team so we can best fit the right person for you. This might include the language you speak, your cultural or gender preference, or someone with whom you share a common interest, and making sure that things around your home are done just the way you like them.

We understand that receiving personal care services can be confronting, and can take some time getting used to. Our staff understand this. They are professional and empathetic, and have gone through the appropriate training and certification to provide you with the best personal support. We want the people we support to live valued, respected, and independent lives. Getting up, feeling your best, and being ready to meet the day are an important part of this.

Whether it be

  • Getting ready for the day
  • Picking out an outfit
  • Maintaining hair and beauty routines

Our staff can support you to feel and look your best.

Home is where the heart is – it’s where we spend most of our time. It’s where we feel comfortable and are surrounded by the things and people we love. We understand what it is to be “house proud” – having a home and garden that make a statement about you. The sense of accomplishment that comes with a tidy home and a beautiful garden, whether you have a few pots or an extensive plot, helps us to feel better about ourselves.

If you’ve decided that it’s time for a bit of help around the house, we’re here for you.  

Whether it be

  • Gardening or planting: Show us how you like your garden kept, and share your tips with us on how we can maintain its presentation year round
  • Cleaning
  • Meal preparation
  • Minor repairs

Our staff can ensure your home is how you like it.

Respite Care is when someone else takes care of the person you normally care for. For those who take a supporting role in the life of a person, a break is sometimes needed. annecto offers support to families and carers so they can have a rest, replenish, refuel, go out, attend to business, or go on a holiday. It allows them to recharge and avoid burn-out so they can continue to be there for their family or loved one.

We work with you by

  • Arranging for the person you care for to be supported at home while you can have some you time for yourself to enjoy.
  • Providing the person you care for with activities such as social events or activities connecting them within their local community, including meeting new people, catching up with friends, learning new skills, and developing new interests.

Living where you want to live, in the community you want to be in, is one of the most important choices you can make. Home is where you spend most of your time, so you want it to feel safe and comfortable. For some, having access to support in making the transition into a new home can be confronting, not only for the move, but for settling in and establishing connections in the community. Whatever choice you make as to where you live, annecto can work with you to provide guidance, support and advice to help make the experience positive and create new connections in your community.