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NDIS Glossary of terms


A family member or friend who provides support to a person with a disability.


The categories that individual supports are placed under by the NDIA for easy identification.

Funded supports

Types of support that cost money and that the NDIS pays for.


A person who is in a formal caring role and acts on behalf of a person with a disability. Should the participant be unable to make contact with the NDIA the guardian can make contact and co-meet with the planner.

Individualised funding

Funding provided through the NDIS or state governments to a person with a disability.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme is known as NDIS. It is a new way of funding and delivering support services for people with permanent and significant disability.


The National Disability Insurance Agency is known as NDIA. It is the government organisation set up to implement the NDIS. NDIA employs a range of staff to support you and your circle of support to plan for your life and the funding to make this to happen.

NDIS Access Checklist

The NDIS Access Checklist helps you determine whether you are eligible for funding under the NDIS. For more comprehensive help, participate in an annecto NDIS forum. Express your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The National Disability Services (NDS) is the Australian peak body for non-government disability services. NDS provides information, representation and policy advice to support people with all forms of disability to participate in all domains of life.

Participant Plan or Individual Support Plan

A person with a disability will work with a Planner to design a customised plan to suit their specific needs. It uses goal based planning to consider your strengths, and seeks to maximise your choices and your independence.

Plan nominee

Can undertake all activities that a participant would undertake including:

  • preparation, review or replacement of participant’s plan
  • management of the funding for supports in the participant’s plan

A plan nominee may not undertake activities that may be outlined when the plan nominee is appointed.


A person who works for the NDIA to help participants put together their individual support plans. Your planner is there to help you access the system, but you can help them by giving as much information as possible about your situation and your goals.

Planning meeting

A conversation where a planner, a participant and any people supporting the participant work on putting together an individual support plan for the participant.


Is an individual or organisation that delivers support or a product to a participant of the NDIS. annecto is a registered provider. View the current list of registered providers.

Reasonable and necessary supports

Anything which is related to a participant’s disability and helps them to reach their goals and undertake activities is a reasonable and necessary support under the NDIS. It does not include day-to-day costs that are not related to a participants disability support needs. If you’re not sure what is reasonable and necessary, asks your planner.


Types of assistance that are provided to a participant to assist them in reaching their goals.

Support worker

A person who is paid to provide care and support to a person with a disability.

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