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Job Connections



Commencing in July 2018 the Australian Government expanded its Disability Employment Services (DES) program, which has resulted in annecto implementing Job Connections as a DES provider. This program assists people with disabilities to gain meaningful employment, in line with annecto’s ongoing commitment to realise an inclusive society. The focus is on a participant’s individual circumstances and aligning their needs with opportunities in the workforce. Participants will benefit from annecto’s vast experience in supporting people with disability, with practices in place to assist the employer in supporting the employee in their working environment.

As a result of the DES program being reformed in 2018, participants will have greater choice regarding the services they receive. The new revised program is the result of extensive collaboration with people in the disability community, both with individuals and a variety of organisations. The overall aim of the reform is an increase in achieving outcomes. Job Connections is focused on individual goals and business goals, while generating a sense of empowerment.

Share your value. Create your future. 

If you are an individual who may benefit as a participant in Job Connections, or an employer who would like to become involved in this rewarding initiative, we invite you to talk with our experienced consultants about how we can jointly approach contributing your strengths toward improving lives.

To learn more about how Job Connections can help you or to make an appointment, call us on Free Call 1800 ANNECTO (1800 266 328) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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