Cultural Diversity Day 2017 at David House - Annecto

Cultural Diversity Day 2017 at David House

To celebrate Cultural Diversity Week 2017, annecto’s David House in Yarraville is inviting its staff, participants parents, carers, volunteers and supporters to join them for Cultural Diversity Day on Friday, 24 March 2017.

The aim of the day is to celebrate the diversity of annecto Yarraville, and it’s certainly something the annecto team appreciate. “I left my home, El Salvador, 20 years ago,” says annecto’s Manuel. “I love Cultural Diversity Day because I get to celebrate my culture. The day brings back many happy memories. I love hearing the different languages and the music from around the world. And the food, always the food…”

People attending are invited to wear clothing that represents their country or cultural background, the colours of their national flag, or just bring a few words of their own language. They’re also encouraged to bring a dish of food that represents their heritage.

“It’s great to see people trying foods that they have never eaten before,” says staff member Terri. “It’s a day when everyone is happy.”

annecto staff and Learning Hub participants are all getting in the spirit. “It’s bellisima!” Maria exclaims, while Suzi loves wearing the different hats.

“I love the food, the dressing up, the music and dancing. I proudly wear my Filipino colours,” adds Juliet from annecto.

Cultural Diversity Day will be held at annecto David House, Little David Street, Yarraville on Friday 24 March 2017, from 10am to 1pm. For more information, contact Helen Kowalyk on 03 9314 0988 or email