Annual General Meeting - Annecto

Annual General Meeting

Every year we host an AGM to reflect on the year and great work being done across the organisation. Well for the first time we a bringing the event online. annecto will be hosting its AGM and showcase through Zoom Webinar  
This year we are reflecting on journeys.
Throughout our lives we embark on many journeys that take us to different places, teach us new perspectives, and connect us to different kinds of people. New chapters are written every day in the journey of life.
Listening to each other’s journey enables us to learn from the challenges and opportunities involved, and our journeys are never-ending. In the challenges we encounter, there’s always potential for growth and improvement. Being present and aware in the moment and taking it all in contributes greatly to our continuing growth. We connect by sharing each other’s stories. The learning that comes by understanding another’s journey increases empathy, which in turn connects the people in society. Diversity is a strength.
Our organisation is on a journey and always will be. We aren’t changing direction, but we are starting a new chapter.
We are on this journey together.