After Hours - All hands on deck as temperatures soar - Annecto

After Hours – All hands on deck as temperatures soar

As temperatures reached 40 degrees in Melbourne over the New Year period, annecto’s After- Hours team experienced their busiest period, with phones figuratively  running hot.

The team were at capacity, with all workstations fielding calls around the clock.

AfterHours Coordinator Rob Knee said the extreme heat coupled with public holidays, reflected the increase in people contacting the service.

“It was great to see our organisational (business-to-business) clients   using the service to ensure that the people they support were ok during the heat wave.  We checked on  a number of their customers via phone and even had our business-to-business clients wanting us to contact their staff to advise them on ways to avoid fire areas.  There was  much concern for people all round which reflected the number of calls we had.”

With over 320 calls on Friday alone, pending fire danger was another factor in people contacting After-Hours to check on individuals who may be at risk.

“The After-Hours staff were just fantastic during a really busy time. Everyone were  on board, aware of the significance  of the increase in danger and the need to look out for the welfare of our staff and clients as well as our organisational clients and their own customers..  A great team effort.”

While most service providers  return  to usual business hours with full staff  from January 5, the potential  for extreme weather conditions over weekends and public holidays during January and February will mean it will be a busy time ahead for the After-Hours team.