Volunteering with Annecto


Connecting individuals and their communities

Volunteer with Annecto

You can make a real difference by volunteering with Annecto.

Our volunteers work alongside people in the community, building connections, learning new skills, and helping people live their best lives.

There are a number of ways our volunteers help people live their best lives.

At Annecto, we believe that every story matters.

What are some things our volunteers do?

Two women are infront of an Annecto branded store. One, an Annecto volunteer, is walking with a trolley, the other woman beside her, she is holding a cane.

Be someone’s running or biking buddy

Help run Annecto programs like Speakers Bank

Support people with their gardening, hobbies, or other projects

Catch up with someone as a social companion

Do you want to connect with your community?

If you want to make a  difference in your community, contact us today to express interest in volunteering.