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A great way to connect – Eid Al Fitr

Over 600 women and their children attended an annecto sponsored Eid Al Fitr event in Dandenong on Friday 15 July 2016.

The atmosphere was bubbling with excitement as the DJ played popular Afghani music and tables were laden with Afghani food and drink.

The dance floor was packed as women and children joined in traditional dances and relaxed in each other’s company.

annecto partnered with the Afghan Women’s Organisation of Victoria to give the women and their young children an opportunity to socialise and celebrate the end of Ramadan together, in an appropriate setting.

One of annecto’s clients Nasima Mizoi, spoke to the group of women about how hard she was finding life, and how difficult it was for her to ask for help.

“I was feeling lonely at home. My youngest daughter married and left home, my husband was busy and I was sick,” explains Nasima.

Through a Home Care Package, Nasima receives assistance in her home with a cleaner once a fortnight and provision for taxi’s that help her attend social and medical appointments.

“I can go anywhere by myself now. I don’t have to wait for someone to take me. With annecto’s help I am much more independent,”explained Nasima.

Nasima talked about how hard it was to ask for help from someone outside the family. And how her friends told her about annecto, and encouraged her to contact them.

Many women from this community are on their own, and don’t know who to ask for help.  Nasima’s advice was to ask for help from an organisation like annecto.

“Now with annecto, I am happy again,” explains Nasima.

CEO Estelle Fyffe attended the event and explained how annecto supports people to live a good life at home, connected to community.

“We would like to ensure members of this community know help is available, and that annecto provides culturally appropriate, flexible and individually designed services,” explains Estelle.

Events like the annecto sponsored Eid Al Fitr and Nowruz give Afghani women and their children the opportunity to socialise and celebrate.  Many women from this community do not have partners and these events give them a chance to meet friends, and stay connected.

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