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Australian Bushfires 

Our thoughts are with all those who are affected by the bushfires fires across the nation. We would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort the fire fighters and volunteers have contributed. We have seen over the past week communities step up and support one another, local heroes risking their lives and generous donations be made from all over the world.  

We recommend that you follow the CFA, NSW Rural Fire Service, VIC Emergency and SA Country Fire Service as they are providing important information on how to stay safe, as well as frequent updates on the bushfires around the nation. 

At this time a lot of people are asking how can I help? The CFA have released a statement that they are overwhelmed with donations of goods. They do not have the resources in place to sort through and distribute. The best way you can help impacted communities is through financial donations. The below links are multiple places you can donate.    

Victorian Bushfire Appeal 

NSW Rural Fire Service - Fundraisng 


Salvation Army