Maintaining the provision of Essential Services to you

annecto remains open and will continue to provide support services to you throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. annecto remains open and will continue to provide support services to you throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our priority is your safety and wellbeing. 

Home Care Support is an essential service.  It’s critical for your ongoing health and wellbeing that you continue to receive the services outlined in your plan.

To ensure that you’re able to do this, annecto employs best practice infection control and hygiene precautions.  We are following the advice provided by the Australian Government to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

We have rigorous safety, hygiene and infection control training, policies and procedures and we’re updating these as advised by Australian Government Health Departments.

Our staff follows a strict duty of care to ensure they do not come to work if they feel at all unwell and understand and follow the protocols required should they suspect they’ve been exposed to a case of coronavirus or present with coronavirus symptoms themselves.

If a staff member must isolate themselves, they will only return to work with medical certificate clearance.

We are taking all measures to ensure you can confidently receive services on a continuing basis.  If necessary, we can explore augmenting or replacing face to face services with telephone support, where practical.

If you have any concerns or questions about your continuing services, please don’t hesitate to contact your Case Manager or Consultant.

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