2020 Aged Care Approvals Round

We are excited to report that annecto has seen overwhelming success in the recently-announced 2020 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR). More broadly, the allocation results across Australia include:

  • 4,098 new residential aged care places
  • $150 million capital grant funding
  • 1,028 short-term restorative care (STRC) places

Among these figures, many of our regions have been successful in receiving STRC places, a true testament to the outstanding work carried out each day by our dedicated staff.

Allocation details are as follows:

  • ACT – 7 places
  • MNC – 4 places
  • OFW – 1 place
  • SES – 8 places
  • SWS – 2 places
  • WS – 5 places
  • LMR – 8 places
  • Nepean – 2 places
  • Sunshine coast – 8 places

While we continue to play an active role in providing STRC places in a variety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia, this latest allocation presents a very exciting opportunity for annecto to realise support in other diverse communities, including LGBTQI+, CALD and rural communities.

We can’t wait to see what this opportunity brings for the people we support and our staff, and congratulate all those involved in developing the submission.

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