Fiona’s Story

I want what all parents want for their children, explains Fiona.

I want my son to know he can do whatever he sets his mind to, and to pursue his dreams.

Fiona is 82 and the primary carer of her 54 year old son Jacob. She knows it will be hard for Jacob after she passes.

I’ve spent a life time making sure Jacob learns and understands what he needs to do to live a good life.

And now that I’m older, the support staff from annecto are building on the learnings to make sure that Jacob will have what he needs to live more independently in his own home.

With the help of his family and annecto, Jacob now lives well, with minimum support and loves working one day a week at a local business. With annecto’s help; Jacob is now exploring ways to broaden his friendship group.

I can go knowing that he will be prepared for life without me.

You can help mothers like Fiona by donating to our Mother’s Day 2016 campaign. annecto help families like Fiona and Jacob to plan for an independent life.


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